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The Ultimate Destination to Get Yourself Pampered As soon as you walk through the door, you know that you are about to experience something different. Our concept is unique, in that we strive to provide a high end experience to our customers at an affordable price.  We wanted to provide a luxurious spa environment where our clients will never have to worry about feeling rushed and enjoy special amenities that higher end nail salons provide, but at an affordable price. Cleanliness and safety is of the utmost importance to us.  It is our policy to keep everything clean and sanitized at our store.  Every worker has 10 sets of sealed and sanitized tools to use for each new client.  All our files, buffer, and pumice stones are disposed of after each use (ask us to keep them if you'd like).  Our pedicure tubs are lined with a disposable liner for each client- so that no two feet will touch the same basin each time.  We also hire a professional cleaning staff to deeply clean our store at the end of the night so you can enjoy a clean spa environment each time you come.

What makes our salon organic?  Most importantly, we do not do acrylics here!  Acrylics and its polymers are one of the most harmful chemical found at nail salons;  additionally, it smells really bad!  All of our nail polishes are either “3-free”, “5-free” or "7 free".  We have organic polish remover, lotions, essential oils, base & top coat, and even cuticle softener for our clients who chose to do so.

Come in, relax, get pampered, grab a drink, and immerse yourself in the Posh Organic Nails experience.  See you soon!

Why Organic?

Most of those cute little bottles lined up in your bathroom have a secret: they’re filled to the brim with chemicals. Some nail polish brands have nearly 30 chemicals all combined. These harsh chemicals can not only be bad for the environment, but also bad for you, as they cause nails to become brittle and have harsh fumes. No nail polish is completely natural, but the most important thing to look for are brands that are “3-free,” meaning they don’t use toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), or formaldehyde, which are all known carcinogens. Some brands also describe themselves as “5-free” when they don’t use formaldehyde resin or camphor in addition.

Our suppliers polish formulas use safer chemicals like acetate or acetone. You may find these brands do not wear quite as well as some conventional brands but you are trading a little better wear for a safer product. These formulas dry quickly and provide a durable finish. They smell and act very similar to conventional polishes.

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